The 12 Drinks of Christmas


Sleigh Bells Bramble

Difficulty: Medium, but worth the extra effort!


35ml Gin

5ml Blackberry Liqueur

5ml Raspberry Liquer

5ml Pomegranate Syrup

20ml Fresh Lemon Juice

1 Egg White


Rosemary Sprig


Add all ingredients except rosemary & blackberry to a shaker. Prepare a tumbler glass with ice. Fill up the Shaker with Ice. Shake Gin, Egg White, Liquers & Pomegranate Syurp hard & fast, strain into the rocks glass & garnish with rosemary & blackberry

Tip: Dont be put off by the egg, it is completely tasteless and flavourless but gives this drink a light fluffy & velvety texture! If you cant find any pomegranate syrup, grenadine also works well.

Joe Goodwin