The 12 Drinks of Christmas


Winter Berry Mojito

Difficulty: Easy

Winter Berry Mojito:

35ml Bacardi Oro or Bacardi White

15ml Creme De Mure

25ml Lime Juice

20ml Sugar Syrup / Gomme Syrup


Handfull fresh Mint (approx 10-12 leaves)

Soda - Dash

Crushed Ice

In the bottom of a Hi Ball glass using a Muddler, muddle 2 fresh blackberries pound down to a paste. Place the mint into the palm of your hand and slap the mint with your other hand. Pop this into the bottom of the glass. Add in Rum, Liqueur, Sugar Syrup & Lime Juice. 1/2 Fill the glass with crushed ice - churn all the ingredients until well blended. Top up the glass to the brim with ice & add a dash of soda. Garnish with Fresh Mint & Blackberry

Joe Goodwin