The 12 Drinks of Christmas


Figgy Old Fashioned

Difficulty: Medium. Well worth the extra effort!

Figgy Old Fashioned

50ml Bourbon Whiskey preferably Woodford Reserve or Similar

15ml Espirit De Figue

1 Brown Sugar Cube

Angostura Bitters

In the bottom of a tumbler glass, place a sugar cube. Douse the sugar cube in 3-4 Dashes angostura bitters & muddle until the sugar & liquid is a paste. To this add 3 Cubes of Ice and 15ml Espritit De Figure & 25ml Whiskey stir in a clockwise direction for 10 seconds. Add a further 3 Ice cubes and 15ml of Whiskey and stir in an anti clockwise direction for a further 10 seconds. Finally add a further 3 cubes of ice the last 10ml of whiskey & garnish with fresh slice of fog

Joe Goodwin