The Insiders Scoop - The Trends for 2019

Wedding Trends for 2019!

Your day should of course be personal to you but it’s good to know what everyone is talking about in the wonderful world of weddings! After all, your day is going to be THE #weddingoftheyear. Food and drink are at centre stage for 2019 and the buzz word of the year is ‘sharing’. ‘Sharing?’ I hear that horrified voice in your head. The very suggestion of sharing might ignite some confused side glances, and maybe shock you to the very core. But fear not, there is plenty to go around and let me reassure your grumbling stomachs: sharing platters offer the opportunity to be more diverse, creative and interactive with your food… Think of it like a buffet – but the buffet comes to you. Sounds great, right? 


It’s all about taking your friends and family on a culinary adventure and using food as a way to engage your guests and get them talking to each other. We’ve all been to weddings where it’s been a little stilted in the conversation department so sharing platters are a fantastic way of breaking the ice. 2019 will see food platters full of colour and beautifully fresh ingredients, you can’t help but talk to people when sharing a plate of food. You can think of them as an added conversation starter and a focal centre piece as they will brighten up your tables and create a fabulous talking point. Better yet – there will probably be something for everyone’s taste buds. So before you know it even Uncle Barry & his ex-wife’s new chap will be rubbing shoulders, firing up discussions more heated than those between Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood. Following a few tipples, conversations will be striking up that mirror the likes of Master Chef. And possibly even discussions of what filter they should use on their all-important Instagram post of the sharing platter – so should I go for Inkwell, or Valencia? #bestweddingever




Cocktails are on a whole new level in 2019! There’s always a little lull between the ceremony and the festivities beginning where guests don’t know what to do with themselves. Providing your guests with a fun cocktail hour is a creative and fun way to fill that gap plus get them on their merry way!! How does that saying go ‘You can dance, Tequila?’  

Share your favourite cocktails with them or even have a bespoke cocktail designed to serve your friends and family, you can’t get more personalised than that. Cocktails add the fun factor to any celebration and you can go to town with how you serve them, we’re not talking cocktail umbrellas from the 70’s but different types vessels, glasses, garnishes, straws. What about Smoke, Fire or pick your own theme?



2019 is going to see a resurgence in Canapes being served at weddings. Long gone are the days of a soggy bottomed vol-au-vent (Nobody likes a soggy bottom!) or cheese and pineapple on sticks. But Canapes are back in a big way and they have had a very much needed update! Ideally you want it to be a small mouthful of food that is easy for your guests to eat but still packs a punch of flavour. Creative canapes combine the best flavours and textures to leave a lasting impression.  The possibilities are endless and anything in miniature will delight the inner child in all of your guests! Again why not personalise your canapés, adding a little theatre to your day.


These were beginning to appear in 2018 but they are even bigger news in the wedding industry this year. You can use a simple table, drinks trolley or even a mobile bar and then you create something special for your guests. Champagne and prosecco are always a winner or how about a DIY Gin station with different flavours and fresh ingredients, again it is a fab way of getting your guests talking. They are so versatile, you can have even have one for the little ones serving homemade lemonade or even a coffee and hot chocolate station for the evening when the bridal party realise they hit Cocktail Hour too hard and need a little sober up, or of course for the less hard-going guests that may need to hang up their dancing shoes for a little breather


Dessert tables have also had a revamp this year and it’s all about the drama! You want to create a table that wows- again think of the Instagram brigade- this is your chance to shine! Think about the impact you can create in the room, use different colours and textures, deserts of varied shape and size. The sharing element is key too, make it interactive, doughnut walls where your guests can pick their own and cookies or brownies piled high in towers, you want to create a visual and tasty feast to finish off the meal. This trend also means you can cater to different dietary needs, you can have vegan or gluten free options for your guests to choose. 

2019 and beyond is going to be so exciting where wedding food and drink is concerned! Bring your personality into this element of your day and share it with your friends and family. We love talking about weddings and we’re full of ideas and experience so don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Joe Goodwin