How to Plan the Perfect Hen Party


Planning a Hen-do: the should-do’s and don’t-do’s.

The second most anticipated proposal we await to receive during our lives is ‘will you be my maid of honour?’. This means you become the brides’ go-to person/advisor/agony aunt, the assistant dress-shopper, the ‘second-opinion’ and the one to wipe away the stress tears (and the happy tears!) whilst reminding her of all the times you both used to sit and daydream out-loud about planning both your weddings someday. B’awwww. But most importantly… planning the hen-do! 

So you once watched Bridesmaids in fits of laughter at the food-poisoning scene but now you’re currently watching it, sweating in terror, as your vision of the worst hen-do unravels in front of your eyes and Officer Rhodes’ “you’re like the maid of dishonour”echoes throughout your hen-do-planning-induced nightmares. But fear not, we are here for you sister! 

 Step One: Breath 

Take a deep breath and remember this isn’t just allon you, gather your fellow bridesmaids and exchange ideas that revolve around the bride’s favourite hobbies and things/places of interest!

We recommend striking a balance between a day of relaxation followed by an evening of celebrating in order to achieve an overall perfect hen-weekend. So we’re here to offer you some tips and advice on converting the bride’s wedding planning stress into a weekend of commencing the pre-marriage celebrations:

 Step Two: Plan! 

As with anything,plan well in advance!Make sure to closely liaise with the other bridesmaids and those invited to arrange a date in advance but around 6 weeks prior to the big day; this is to ensure you take consideration in those with children, busy work-schedules or even to make sure it doesn't collide with another wedding or hen-party of ANOTHER friend who is getting married! (this is what being 30 is now accompanied by “I’m sure you’ll be next!”). Pick the date!

Tip: Creat a WhatsApp Group & A separate Bank account ready for the kitty. 

Step Three: Budget 

Negotiate the budget.Agreeing this in the early stages will most likely determine the foundation when planning the location, the activities, meals, drinks, transport etc. 

Step Four: What & Where? 

Luxury or low-key? If you’re aiming for something a bit more lavish to treat your bride-to-be, then why not consider an overnight stay in a luxury cottage, house or retreat? Or why not hire a private garden or marquee? For any kind of party or celebratory event, outdoor venue hires grant you the opportunity to be more diverse with your catering, beverage & activity options. Hiring a mobile cocktail bar, in house chefs, butlers in the buff, murder mysteries, craft classes, beauty treatments, gin masterclasses are great for adding a personal and intimate atmosphere. Low key? What about a Spa Day followed by Afternoon Tea. 

 Tip: Be mindful of the age-groups of those attending amongst your party - you can’t expect the bride’s grandmother to participate in an outdoor assault course! Ensure to plan something that accommodates for the young and older generations of the groups

Step Five: Ignore the complainers! 

There will always be those who think they can do a better job, or know the bride better. 

Just go with your gut and you will be fine! 

 Step Six : Come Together! 

Use the other Hens. Delegate specific jobs and it will all go smoothly. Trust us? 

So as you keep telling your bride: it’s fine, it’s alllllllll going to be fine. Plan well ahead, make sure cocktails are involved and tell everyone to take a shot every time the bride brings up the table-plan: “are you sure it’s wise to seat my unfiltered Grandma on the same table as Uncle Mike with the funny eye?”.

Did someone say Cocktails? 

Cocktail masterclasses are rapidly becoming the first-choice activity for most partiesnowadays. They are perfect for catering for allage ranges. The beauty of them is that rather going just to a cocktail bar and having drinks to trial and taste, cocktail masterclasses get you behind the bar, being the bartender, concocting your favourite beverages, all being provided by professional mixologists sharing their extensive knowledge and also throwing in stories and anecdotes to get everyone laughing and taking away and a snazzy new skill (or new party-trick) to boast about. (And don’t worry about those who can’t drink alcohol: that’s why mocktails exist. They taste just as fantastic and won’t leave you with a hangover either - win win). Want something to soak it up?We also offer an array of dining options from 3 Course Dinners, to Canapes and informal buffets.

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Joe Goodwin